Sonoff L1 2m viedā Wi-Fi LED RGB lenta


Viedo LED RGB Wi-Fi sloksni SONOFF L1 2M, 24W, 300lm / m, 230VAC, IP65 Strip var pārvaldīt, izmantojot lietotni, tālvadības pulti, balss vadību. Komplektā ietilpst LED sloksne, kontrolieris, tālvadības pults un barošanas avots.

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SONOFF L1 - it's a smart RGB LED strip which is easy to install. The kit includes RGB LED strip, power supply, controller and remote control. With remote control you can set different modes, change the color of the strip, it's intensity and control the speed of the mode. Automate your home and control the LED strip with the "eWeLink" App, by voice with "Amazon Alexa" or "Google Home" or by remote control. Choose from 12 different lighting modes and combine your wanted lighting yourself in "EWeLink" application. Enjoy with the light color changes and rhythmically flashing to match the beat of the music. Point your mobile device’s camera to anything to capture its color, tap the screen and instantly sync the color to your light. Set wanted timers by selecting a countdown timer, schedule timer or loop timer. Create a variety of scenes, group devices by turning on / off multiple devices in your home with the touch of a button or at a set or scene case time. Link your eWeLink with IFTTT application and extend your scene capabilities (enable location, sunlight settings and more). Share Wi-Fi control with an unlimited number of users.
• Control your LED strip remotely with "eWeLink" application
• Set needed type of timer for automatic switching on
• Monitor device on/off history
• Use LAN mode
• Use sunrise/sunset for scenes set
• Use inching mode
• Share device control with an unlimited number of users
• Enjoy with the automatical reset of your settings when electricity is gone
• See device status in real-time
• Turn on / off your LED strip by voice with "Amazon Alexa" or "Google Home"
• Create the scenes you want, group different electrical devices and turn them on with one-touch
• Control your LED strip with the RF remote control
• Choose from 16 mln. colors and 12 different modes
• The light changes colors and rhythmically flashes to match the beat of music, bringing you into a very joyful party
• Point your mobile device’s camera to anything to capture its color, tap the screen and instantly sync the color to your light
• The product is flexible and fastened with adhesive tape
• Create smart scenes and unlock more with IFTTT
Specification of Led Light Strip:
LED Model: 5050;
Lifespan: >25000 Hours;
Input Voltage: 12V DC;
Material: FPCB;
Luminous Flux : ≥300lumens/m;
Wireless Standard: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz;
Material: FR-ABS;
Waterproof: IP65;
Cutting distance: 10cm.
Standard: 2M(IM180529001), 5M(IM180529002);
Specification of power supply
Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60HZ 0.6A ;
Output Voltage: 12V DC ;
Output Power:24W;
Adaptor Plug:EU Type, US Type, UK Type;
Security Mechanism: overvoltage, overload, over-temperature;
Specification of wifi controller
Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ 0.6A Max ;
Output voltage: 12V DC ;
Remote:24-key IR remote controller;
Sheath Material:ABS V0(fireproof);
WiFi Standard: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ;

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