Sonoff B02-B-A60 lampa (drīzumā)


SONOFF B02-F-A60 Smart Wi-Fi warm light LED spuldze

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Smart LED bulbs are even smarter ones in home automation, and they are pretty easy to use. Simply screw the smart bulb into the lamp, pair it with your smartphone, and you will no more get up from your bed to hit the light switch. SONOFF smart LED bulb also supports of automation trigger that it will be turned on or off automatically whenever you push the door, just connect SONOFF DW2-Wi-Fi door sensor to go.

Even you can set the bulb to trigger your door on or off with SONOFF DW2-Wi-Fi door sensor. SONOFF smart LED bulb allows you to dim and tune to different color temperature through sliding the bar on App. It has a wide brightness range that is from 2700K to 6500K, which is bright enough for almost any space for use. Works with the third-party smart assistants out there via support of Alexa and Google Home so you can control the bulb, adjust the brightness and color using your voice. The smart bulb with 7W can produce a 60-watt equivalent 806 lumens, reducing your monthly electricity bill significantly. Furthermore, it was reliable with time scheduling that makes the bulb automatically turn on and off at set time of day. The bulb also comes with eight optional preset scene modes that allow you to access instantly the ambient that you want to heighten. If you get multiple SONOFF smart LED bulbs, the group-control feature is quite convenient for you to turn on and off together, adjust all of color temperature and brightness to the same level through tapping on App.

If you need more color in your space, consider B05-B-A60 RGB smart LED bulb; if dual colors is needed, B02-B-A60 is a good choice.
• Available in dual-color and multi-color
• Remotely turn on and off on APP
• Easy to adjust the color temperature on APP
• Dim and brighten the light brightness for various occasions
• Unique smart LED technology ensures the bulb save your electricity bills by 90%
• Group control makes it easy to control the lighting of a whole area
• Can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off
• Multiple scene modes optional, quick to access the lighting mode that you need
• Support voice to turn on/off, adjust the brightness and color temperature
• Scene linkage allows you to turn on/off the bulb via opening or closing door
• Universal E27 base fits for most standard light fittings 
Model: B02-B-A60(Cool & Warm);      B05-B-A60(RGB);
Input: 220-240V AC 50Hz;
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz;
Luminous Flux: 806LM;
CCT: 2700K-6500K
Power Rating: 9W;
Lifespan: About 10000h;
Base Type: E27.

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