Sonoff Dual R2 2-kanālu viedais Wi-Fi slēdzis


Viedais Wi-Fi slēdzis SONOFF DUAL R2, 2 kanāli, 3500W (2 kanāli), 2200W (1kanāls), 230VAC, ko kontrolē App, iespēja pārvaldīt ar balsi.

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Viedās mājas iekārtas Viedais elektrības slēdzis

Papildus informācija

SONOFF DUAL R2 is a Wi-Fi switch with 2 outputs which allows you to control separately 2 electrical devices or lighting. With Sonoff DUAL R2 automate your home and control the electrical appliances you want with the "eWeLink" App or voice with "Amazon Alexa" or "Google Home". Set wanted timers by selecting a countdown timer, schedule timer or loop timer. Create a variety of scenes, group devices by turning on / off multiple devices in your home with the touch of a button or at a set or scene case time. Link your eWeLink with IFTTT application and extend your scene capabilities (enable location, sunlight settings and more). Share Wi-Fi control with an unlimited number of users. The device allows you to configure LAN control without a cloud server such as Home Home, openHAB, ioBroker and more.
• Manage 2 wanted appliances separately
• Control your electrical appliances remotely with "eWeLink" application
• Turn on / off your devices by voice with "Amazon Alexa" or "Google Home"
• Set needed type of timer for automatic switching on
• Create the scenes you want, group different electrical devices and turn them on with one-touch
• Use sunrise/sunset for scenes set
• Monitor device on/off history
• Share device control with an unlimited number of users
• See device status in real-time
• Connect a Sonoff camera and monitor your home
• Enjoy with the automatical reset of your settings when electricity is gone
• Create smart scenes and unlock more with IFTTT
• Use LAN mode
• Use inching mode
• Take off the body and mount in Sonoff IP66 Waterproof box
• Mount with Sonoff DR - Sonoff DIN Rail Trail
Max. Current: 15A
Voltage range: 100~240V AC(50/60Hz)
Power: 3500W
Material: ABS V0
Color: White
Product dimensions: L114*W52*H32 mm Weight:  86g
Package dimensions: L118*W54*H34 mm Weight: 95g

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