Sonoff SV 1-kanāla 5v-24v viedais Wi-Fi slēdzis Skatīt lielāku

Sonoff SV 1-kanāla 5v-24v viedais Wi-Fi slēdzis


Zema sprieguma viedais Wi-Fi slēdzis SONOFF SV, 5 ~ 24 V, kontrolēts ar APP, Wi-Fi, iespēja vadīt ar balsi

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9,08 €


Viedās mājas iekārtas Viedais elektrības slēdzis

Papildus informācija

• Control your electrical appliances remotely with "eWeLink" application
• Turn on / off your devices by voice with "Amazon Alexa" or "Google Home"
• Set needed type of timer for automatic switching on
• Create the scenes you want, group different electrical devices and turn them on with one-touch
• Use sunrise/sunset for scenes set
• Monitor device on/off history
• Share device control with an unlimited number of users
• See device status in real-time
• Connect a Sonoff camera and monitor your home
• Enjoy with the automatical reset of your settings when electricity is gone
• Create smart scenes and unlock more with IFTTT
• Use LAN mode
• Take off the body and mount in Sonoff IP66 Waterproof box
Max. Current: 10A
Voltage range: 5V DC or 5V-24V DC
Operating Temperature: 0ºC-40ºC(32°F-104°F)
Operating Humidity: 40% ~ 80% RH
Product Size: L70,5*W27,4*H23mm Weight: 25g

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